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All criminal defense cases are handled pursuant to an hourly or flat fee basis. Payment arrangements and credit cards may be accepted. All plaintiff personal injury matters and insurance subrogation matters will be prosecuted pursuant to a contingency fee agreement. You will only be charged a fee and pay costs if money is collected on your behalf.

Estate matters are handled pursuant to an hourly or flat fee basis. Credit cards may be accepted.

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Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements from Accident Cases

Pizza shop employee mops floor while the restaurant was still open for business. Patron falls due to slippery floor and herniates discs requiring surgery.

Bus Accidents
School bus strikes pedestrian attempting to cross the street. Pedestrian suffers a broken ankle.

Truck Accidents
Truck collides with Septa bus. Passenger on board bus suffers a torn rotator cuff.

Broken Steps
Delivery worker falls due to homeowner’s broken steps and suffers a neck injury requiring surgery.

Customer at car dealership falls in showroom due to change in elevation of floor. Customer suffers torn ligaments in his ankle requiring surgery.

Assault & Battery
Night club bouncers assault club patron fracturing his nose.

Automobile Accidents
Car owner lends drunk friend her car. Intoxicated driver causes accident injuring driver of second car.

Massage therapist’s car rear ended by distracted motorist. Therapist develops Thoracic Outlet Syndrome causing constant pain.

Motorist at stop sign fails to yield to car driven by surgeon with the right of way causing violent collision. Surgeon suffers a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery.

Employer fires employee after learning employee has HIV.

Dental Malpractice
Dentist removes wrong tooth from patient’s mouth. Patient has permanent gap in mouth.

Tainted Food/Drinks
Bartender serves patron beer in a mug containing broken glass. Patron sustained laceration to throat.

Prisoner Abuse
Prisoner denied medical treatment and dies.

Prescription Mix Up
Pharmacist gives patient wrong medication. Patient rushed to hospital.

Pharmacist gives patient wrong medication. Patient passes out, falls and rushed to hospital.

Negligent Security
Customer at a 24hour gas station assaulted while making purchase at cashier’s window. Customer sustained brain injury requiring emergency brain surgery.

Manhole/Utility Covers
Pedestrian falls to the ground fracturing her shoulder after sidewalk utility cover flips up.

Pedestrian falls into a hole covered by a temporary cover installed by utility company and suffers torn ligaments in leg.

Contractor falls after ladder collapses. Contractor injures back and rushed to hospital.

Tenant at apartment complex falls on icy driveway fracturing her shoulder.

Contractor drops appliance on top of homeowner fracturing homeowner’s leg requiring emergency surgery.

Passenger on railcar falls to his death.

Customer slips and falls because of food matter on floor and injures her back.

Patient at hospital falls and fractures leg due to a defective restroom floor.

Department Stores
Customer falls while descending stair covered by defective carpeting fracturing her leg.

Customer’s arm lacerated while descending defective escalator.

Customer run over by a motor driven cart at a department store injuring his leg.

Apartment Complexes
Tenant of apartment complex falls due to a broken curb and fractures her wrist.

False Arrest/False Imprisonment
Customer at department store detained, falsely accused of shoplifting and humiliated.

Racial Profiling
Customer at department store accused of shoplifting and assaulted by security guard.

Pedestrian falls due to a defective sidewalk fracturing ankle.

Purchaser of new home falls at builder’s construction site due to broken sidewalk. Purchaser suffers a torn ankle ligament.

Police Misconduct
Police assault and arrest resident attempting to enter his own home causing him to suffer facial lacerations and back injuries.

Police officer strikes bystander in the jaw with a baton. Bystander suffers a fractured jaw requiring mouth to be wired shut for weeks.

Steam Vents
Child suffers severe burns to legs due to defective steam vent.

Bad Faith
Child dies and insurance company fails to pay death benefits.

Trip and Fall 

7-figure verdict in favor of the plaintiff due to an uneven floor and plywood ramp.

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