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Personal Injury Attorneys

Attorney Fees & Costs

All plaintiff personal injury matters and insurance subrogation matters will be prosecuted pursuant to a contingency fee agreement.

You will only be charged a fee and pay costs if money is collected on your behalf.

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How Washington & Washington Injury Attorneys work

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Washington & Washington Injury Attorneys Terms of Agreement

I understand and agree that my request and any response thereto does not form an attorney-client relationship. Only upon signing a written agreement will an attorney-client relationship be formed.

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Estate Administration

Estate Administration Help for Families in Philadelphia, PA

The passing away of a loved one is often overwhelming for families. In addition to coping with grief there are many questions raised about administering the estate. My office is here to help you with estate administration. In this situation, I help you gather the necessary materials to probate the will and help you understand this process. Knowing that it can be confusing for family members, I can help to answer your questions about how the process unfolds and what you can expect. Contact my office to learn more about how I can assist you during this difficult time.